Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

SC Solutions has research level, multi-domain expertise combined with decades long aerospace industry experience to help you solve your hardest problems. Our creative and collaborative team is a trusted and sought-after consulting organization that provides outstanding value-added solutions for Mechanical & Aerospace industries.

The Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering team is led by Dr. Mahantesh Hiremath, Ph.D., P.E., FASME.  Dr. Hiremath has over 20 years experience leading teams in designing, qualifying, and launching complex commercial spacecraft and associated components.  He is an expert in Structural Dynamics and Mission/Quality Assurance. The SC Solutions Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering team of experts are industry leaders with wide-ranging experience including satellite and spacecraft communication, satellite and spacecraft design and analysis, thermal analysis, payload architecture, antenna design, antenna analysis and testing, design and analysis of ground support equipment, aerospace qualification and testing, and mechanical design and analysis.

The SC Solutions engineering team takes a multidisciplinary approach to each project we take on, drawing from our expertise in structural analysis and control systems, as well as our many years of experience in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

SC Solutions is ITAR registered.