SC Solutions staff have wide-ranging experience in the aerospace and mechanical engineering industries. Our team includes experts in design, analysis, and test for launch vehicles, spacecraft, payload, and antennas.  They have managed and delivered large programs. They specialize in structural dynamics, payload architecture, antenna engineering, satellite communication, thermal analysis, attitude control, mechanical design and analysis, qualification, and testing.

With over 30 years of experience, SC Solutions staff have developed the expertise and techniques necessary to solve engineering problems for complex systems and components subjected to static, dynamic, and thermal environmental loads.  We also have many years of experience with coupled loads analysis.

SC Solutions engineers  support analysis and verification of transportation and handling of space systems. These include road, rail, air, and ship to evaluate vehicle design and payload packaging.

SC Solutions staff include industry experts in thermal analysis and control systems engineering. They develop advanced thermal and control solutions for the aerospace industry.

The SC Solutions structural engineering team has wide ranging experience solving complex structural problems for the aerospace industry.