Principal Engineer

SC Solutions is seeking an accomplished engineer with interest and experience in providing leadership on major engineering tasks and projects, in managing and developing technical staff, and in contributing to the forward-looking research and development direction of the company’s structural engineering services. The candidate will be a key leader in the company and will participate in the development of proposals. The candidate will prepare and present internal and external presentations of exceptional technical quality for project assignments, including to client and/or peer review panels, and for staff development. A successful candidate will have exposure to a diverse set of projects relevant to SC Solutions’ core industries, i.e. Transportation, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Ports, and Water. Leadership experience in analysis-led design, performing advanced numerical simulations in support of new and retrofit design, and evaluation of infrastructure projects are desired.

Technical Qualifications:

The ideal candidate should be familiar with all of the following technical areas, with demonstrated expertise in his/her field of specialty, and a demonstrated ability to apply first principles to innovative solutions of real problems:

  • Computational solid and structural mechanics
  • Structural and Geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Soil-Structure-Interaction (SSI)
  • Simulation of structural systems and components under extreme events, e.g. seismic, blast, impact
  • Finite Element Analysis including modeling, execution, processing, and results interpretation (linear and nonlinear– implicit and explicit time integration)
  • Probabilistic approaches and consideration of uncertainty
  • Risk and reliability
  • Verification and validation tools and techniques

General Qualifications:

  • MS. or preferably Ph.D. in structural engineering and mechanics, mechanical engineering or closely related fields.
  • 8+ years of advanced analysis experience in support of new and retrofit design projects
  • Strong management and oversight skills
  • Strong mentorship and interpersonal skills
  • Strong technical presentation and writing skills
  • Professional Engineer (P.E.) licensure preferred

Qualified candidates should send their resumes to: