This well-respected work discusses the use of digital computers in the real-time control of dynamic systems. The emphasis is on the design of digital controls that achieve good dynamic response and small errors while using signals that are sampled in time and quantized in amplitude. The book includes a review of analog feedback control systems and an overview of digital control systems leading to a simple design methodology. Classical, state-space, and optimal digital control methods are described and applied to illustrative examples. The strengths and limitations of each method are explored to help the reader develop satisfactory designs with the least effort. Finally, the book includes chapters on system identification, nonlinear control, and a comprehensive design example of a disk drive servo.

MATLAB statements and problems are thoroughly and carefully integrated throughout the book to offer readers a complete design picture. Many of the figures in the book were created by MATLAB files, which are available to download at the link below for interested readers.

This 2021 PDF version supersedes all prior printings of the Third Edition of Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, and includes updates to key items and corrections for  all known errors found in previous printings.

Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents (pdf, 76 KB)

1. Introduction­­
2. Review of Continuous Control
3. Introductory Digital Control
4. Discrete Systems Analysis
5. Sampled-Data Systems
6. Discrete Equivalents
7. Design Using Transform Techniques
8. Design Using State-Space Methods
9. Multivariable and Optimal Control
10. Quantization Effects
11. Sample Rate Selection
12. System Identification (ID)
13. Nonlinear Control
14. Design of a Disk Drive Servo: A Case Study

There is a Summary at the end of each chapter and Problems for the students to work out. There are also Appendices that review basic material, contain a table of z-transforms, and a list of pertinent MATLAB Functions.

MATLAB Files and Figures

Download MATLAB files: MatlabFiles2020 (zip archive, 175 KB)

Download Figures: DigitalControl-Figs (zip archive, 41,506 KB)

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