SC Solutions, Inc. (“SC Solutions”), a premier engineering consulting company focused on multi-disciplinary engineering services, spacecraft engineering, and programmatic support, announced on 9/16/2022 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Uhuru Consumer Electronics (“Uhuru”).  Uhuru’s vision is to transform the African Continent with digital technology via satellite communication, providing affordable and reliable connectivity anywhere on the continent. The two firms have agreed to collaborate towards this goal with the launch of AzaniaSat to begin providing satellite services to the entire African Continent by Q4 of 2024.

The firms are undertaking an integrated mission to develop a multi-functional satellite that would serve the aspirations and needs of different stakeholders of the nations of Africa. Uhuru selected SC Solutions as a partner for their proficiency in programmatic and technical work. SC Solutions is committed to applying its technical expertise to design, develop, and launch a satellite capable of offering continuous coverage to validate Uhuru’s mission.

Commenting on the agreement, Greg Loy, SC Solutions’ Founder and CEO said, “We are excited to join with Uhuru to bring better value for Uhuru’s customers throughout the African Continent.”  This is yet another step for the African Continent to leverage space for its population. People, communities, students, professionals, businesses, and governments stand to gain from the services that Uhuru’s satellites are aiming to provide. SC Solutions’ team will be led by Vice-President Dr. Mahantesh Hiremath.

Together, the respective capabilities of the two partners would cultivate space for the benefit of Africa. “Uhuru is intent on providing Total Connectivity and Digital Solutions to the Continent of Africa and its people,” said Daniel Thebe, CEO and Founder of Uhuru.  Read more here.

About Uhuru Consumer Electronics

Uhuru Consumer Electronics, located in Glenvista, South Africa, started from the need of an officially African owned and managed brand that produces consumer electronics for the world. We are Africa’s first, African owned, African controlled and managed consumer electronics brand. Uhuru is a brand that looks to create value for its customers and not to be the next big smartphone brand. This is done through our heavily invested R&D and customer centric business model.

Uhuru has a list of proprietary products such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories that are user-friendly and designed with precision for people all over the world. For more information check out its website at

Uhuru’s ambition is to connect 500 million people on the African continent to their product and services during the next 10 years.

About SC Solutions, Inc.

SC Solutions, based in Sunnyvale, CA, is a U.S. company offering consulting focused on multi-disciplinary engineering services, system-level oversight, and programmatic support.  SC Solutions is a leading provider of controls, mechanical, and structural engineering services.  They provide specialized engineering expertise and innovative analysis solutions to support clients in the aerospace, defense, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, biomedical, and transportation industries. Its engineers are among the most talented in their fields. They bring deep experience and extraordinary focus to their work and deliver exceptional results.


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