Structural Engineering Team

The Structural Engineering team at SC is uniquely qualified to provide creative solutions to the most challenging problems in critical infrastructure. We supplement core strengths in structural and geotechnical engineering with expertise in mechanical, aerospace, and reliability engineering for a truly multi-disciplinary approach. Most SC staff members hold advanced degrees in their field, with nearly half achieving Ph.D. or equivalent, and many having 20+ years of professional experience. SC engineers continuously strive to stay at the technical forefront of the engineering industry by performing research, authoring technical papers, participating in code development committees, and other activities that advance the profession.

The SC Structural Engineering team thrives on tackling technical challenges that have not yet been solved, or where state-of-the-practice solutions are insufficient. We are known for partnering closely with owners, designers, and other stakeholders to ensure that advanced engineering analysis provides long-term value – we recognize that meaningful solutions are the result of both technical know-how and an understanding of project constraints. Our project teams dynamically collaborate and draw perspective from their cross-discipline and cross-industry experiences to develop innovative technical solutions to the most demanding infrastructure challenges.